How do I know if my weather station works with WeatherWizz?
WeatherWizz works with a wide range of stations.

If you have an Ambient, Fine Offset, Ecowitt, or Netatmo station, then you should be able to directly connect to WeatherWizz.

You can also connect a Davis station, as well as any other weather station, if it's connected to the Internet using a Meteobridge, Weatherbridge, Weather Display Software, or Cumulus MX software. The WeatherWizz custom API is also available to connect some weather stations if applicable.
How easy is it to connect a weather station to WeatherWizz?
It's easy! When logging into your account for the first time, you will be guided through a few simple steps based on the type of station setup you have. In just a few minutes, everything should be up and running. You can then start using all the WeatherWizz features as well as set up your own personal weather station dashboard.

We're also here to help. If you need any assistance, just send us an email to: [email protected]
What does it cost to use WeatherWizz?
All WeatherWizz features are available for just $5.95 a month, starting with a 14-day free trial. This is U.S. dollars. The price will be converted to your currency after selecting your country when signing up. Throughout this project, we have worked hard to make WeatherWizz accessible by keeping the cost low.
How easy is it to create my own weather dashboard with WeatherWizz?
It's super simple. A big feature of WeatherWizz is the dashboard designer. From the very beginning, the designer has been built to offer advanced functionality and features in a simple and easy-to-use way.

To make it really easy, the designer offers a wide range of templates. So you can simply choose a template, make any tweaks that suit you, and it's all done!

Or if you want to get really creative, then you can take your time and create a dashboard from the ground up. You can even create multiple dashboards if you like!

Tool tips are also available to help you choose between options. Plus, features such as drag-and-drop make everything quick and effortless.

Not only is it easy, it is also fun. With personalized interactive dashboards, as well as data reports and other tools, we're all about opening up different ways for you to use and see your weather station data in action.
What is WeatherWizz about?
We're weather enthusiasts, just like you. In fact, we're passionate about all things weather and love creating new and exciting ways to display and access data from our personal weather stations. Rather than keeping this all to ourselves, we developed WeatherWizz so weather enthusiasts around the world can easily benefit from the many designs and tools we are creating.
Can I download the weather data that I send to WeatherWizz?
You sure can. WeatherWizz archives your weather station data. Your data is available in daily, monthly, and yearly reports that you can access, explore, and even edit. You can download the data from any of these reports at any time, as well as all the data that your station has sent to WeatherWizz.

Data is compiled in a CSV file that can be opened by various software, including Microsoft Excel and Apple Numbers. You can even choose particular date ranges so you can download exactly the data you want.
I have a WordPress website. How easy is it to use the WeatherWizz WordPress plugin?
In your WeatherWizz account page, you will find a link to the plugin along with some simple instructions. It's really easy. Just install the plugin and follow the examples given for incorporating your weather station data in your WordPress website. In a short time, you can easily have data automatically updating in a table, text, or any other format on your website.

The WeatherWizz WordPress plugin has proven to be a popular feature, so we're sure you will enjoy having an easy way to present your weather data on your website.
I have a website but I don't use WordPress. Can I still intergrate my weather station data into my site?
Yes. We have introduced a new HTML web page plugin that allows you to seamlessly integrate your weather station data into your website. This makes it super easy to have automatic updates of your data in tables, text, or other formats on your website. You will find the plugin in your WeatherWizz account page, along with some simple instructions and settings.