instant real-time weather dashboard
WeatherWizz makes it simple and easy to set up your own online personal weather station dashboard. See your weather at a quick glance from any device. With real-time updates and your choice of dashboard design.
Dashboard demo
It's easy as...
Signup to create your WeatherWizz account.
configure weather station
Connect your personal weather station to your WeatherWizz account using our setup wizard.
setup dashboard
Set up your own personalized dashboard (plus more!)
Bring new life to your weather station
Display any of your weather station data on your dashboard. On computers, tablets, and phones. With a style and layout that suits your needs and preferences. WeatherWizz even calculates virtual sensors from your weather station data, such as different types of wind data. So you can have more options for discovering and displaying your latest weather information.
Dashboard tablet
Dashboard designer
A smart dashboard designer
Take control with the WeatherWizz dashboard designer. With templates, drag and drop layouts, abundant styling options, and interactive features. You can have an amazing dashboard in no time. You can even create multiple dashboards, add extra pages to a single dashboard, display charts, add text and icons, set visual alerts, and much more. Plus go back and make changes any time. The dashboard designer makes it all easy and user-friendly.
Styles to suit you
Choose from many different designs or create your own.
Dashboard demo
Dashboard demo
Website integrations
Now it's really easy to integrate your weather data into your website. Use either the WeatherWizz WordPress plugin or the HTML webpage plugin to automatically display your real-time data in tables, text, or any other format you like.
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Comprehensive data reports
Access rapid daily, monthly, and yearly reports, as well as all the weather data you send to WeatherWizz. Neatly compiled for you to use and analyze. You can also edit your data and download it any time.
data reports image
data reports image
Visual rules
Easily setup rules to automatically change the look of your dashboard. Create multiple layouts for different rooms, seasons, and events. Or even create rules based on specific weather changes, such as temperature changes or rain.
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Amazon Alexa
Get quick updates from your weather station using Alexa. Connect your WeatherWizz account to Amazon Alexa and ask Alexa for the current temperature, air pressure, rainfall, and more.
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Weather data sharing
WeatherWizz members can now have their weather station data displayed on another member's dashboard. With your permission, let your family, friends, or colleagues add your station data alongside their data. Or display your friend's data on your dashboard to compare temperatures or rainfall at a quick glance.
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Embedded dashboards
Want to showcase your dashboard on your website? WeatherWizz makes it easy to embed your dashboard in your own website. So visitors to your site can easily see what's happening with the weather where you are.
Works with...
Or any weather station connected to the Internet using:
* when connected to the Internet using a Meteobridge, Weatherbridge, Weather Display Software, CumulusMX, or Custom API
Get full access on a simple monthly plan
Starting with a 14-day free trial
per month *
Personal dashboard
Rapid real-time updates **
Display up to 70 sensors per dashboard
Create up to 10 different dashboards
Lifetime data archive
Lifetime interactive data reports
Ability to edit data
Multi sensor comparison charts
WordPress or HTML website integration
Website banner
Amazon Alexa integration
Weather data sharing
Works with many stations / devices
No third party adverts
Plus all new features as they are released
On signing up, you will start a 14-day free trial.
You will not be charged if you cancel your account before the 14-day free trial period ends.
* Price is in U.S. dollars. This will be converted to your currency after selecting your country when signing up.
** Updates approximately every 5 seconds if permitted by your station, device, or software.